Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter fire a North German tradition

The Saturday before easter sunday is a very important day for the East Frisian people. In the last few weeks everyone was collecting the old winter yard trash, like the branches you cut off the trees and other  natural trash from the yard, in their own yard or on a public place like on a field. Everyone comes together and light up the pile of wood to brun it down and have BBQ and a party. The  easter fire of my Community is across the street on a field. every Community has its own public fire. 
We are doing it in our yard with the family. Usually the weather is cold, rainy or it is snowing and at least one of us is in a bad mood because of the weather. But this year it was the best Easter fire we  ever had. It was warm and sunshine, no mittens and warm jackets to wear, just summer clothes. We had so much fun.

Heute war es mal wider an der Zeit fuer die Norddeutsche Tradition des Osterfeuers.
Wir machen immer unser eigenes kleines Osterfeuer, andere aber machen immer eine riesen Party daraus oder gehen zu den der Gemeinde. Das von unserer Gemeinde ist schraeg gegen ueber von uns und riesen gross.
Dieses Jahr war es das beste was wir jemals hatten, keiner hatte schlechte Laune wegen dem Wetter, welches fuer gewoehnlich schlecht ist. Es war also ob wir Sommer haetten. wir haben gegrillt und hatten sehr viel spass dabei.

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